Aries is an application, for Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating systems, designed to perform automatic hardness measurements according to Vickers. Knoop, Brinell scales and some metallographic measurents. Some of the main features are listed below.

Aries is available in four languages, Italian, English, Spanish and Deutsch.

Aries is designed to use most commercial USB2 and USB3 cameras.

Archiving of measurements
The measurements are saved in archives (.db file extension). The number of archives that can be created is limited only by the available disk space.

Measurements include:

Vickers measurement example

Knoop measurement example

Brinell measurement example

Example of grain size measurement

Example of nodule classification

Example of Brinell statistics bar chart

Example of Brinell statistics scatter chart

Example of Vickers profile graph

Vickers parameters

Knoop parameters

Brinell parameters

Grain Size parameters

For each archive you can create a customized report in PDF format.