Brimatic 3000 is a portable instrument designed to perform the measurement and processing of Brinell hardness indentations. It consisting of a Tablet, a special sensor (videocamera) with LED lighting and a powerful software with subpixel interpolation for the automatic recognition of indentations which may have a diameter from 0.7 to 6 mm. The instrument is configurable, even during use, to be used with languages Italian, English, Spanish and German.

Sensors and calibration
The instrument can handle up to 4 sensors individually calibrated using a linear ruler, indentation diameter or hardness value. For each sensor, you can assign a formal name.

Sample of acquisition of a Brinell indentation. In the case in which the automatic acquisition does not give a good result, touching the REPEAT button can be repeated using a different algorithm. They can be used five different types of algorithms (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5) depending on the image quality acquired by the probe. The default algorithm is A1. The manual acquisition will be offered in the case of automatic failure.

Sample of Bar Chart of a statistic Brinell

Sample of Scatter plot of a statistic Brinell

Creating report
For each archive, you can create, save and export its report in pdf format. In the report you can include text, images and tables.


Measure parameters setting
It is possible to setting the measure type and select the diameter of the sphere and the force between 20 pairs of predetermined values.

STE Tables
There are 4 tables, two of which are already filled with 45 pairs of values each, fully customizable.

Further information can be obtained by download "Brimatic 3000 - User Manual.pdf" in the Download section.