Taurus 3000 is a software for Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 operating systems dedicated to the management of archives for Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, Metallographic Analysis and Resilience measurements. Together with a suitable video camera it allows to acquire and process images with any resolution. Some of the main characteristics are listed below.

The program uses English, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. It is possible to change the language in run time without having to restart the program.

Video Cameras
Taurus 3000 manages up to 5 video cameras with any resolution via a USB 2.0 port. Depending on the video camera manufacturer, it is possible to assign a name to each video camera.

Recording Images
Images acquired with the video camera are saved in archives with .taf extension. The number of archives that can be created is only limited by the amount of space available on the disk. The program contains a function to permit to touch-up the image (brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.).

The measurements include:

Vickers measurement screenshot

Graph of 5 profiles Vickers

Knoop measurement screenshot

Brinell measurement screenshot

Bar graph of a Brinell statistic with 1000 measurements

Scatter plot graph of a Brinell statistic with 1000 measurements

Grain Size measurement screenshot

Spheroidal Graphite Nodule measurement screenshot

Phase Percentage measurement screenshot

Automatic Measurement of the U Notch

Automatic Measurement of the V Notch

All measures are individually customizable, with the ability to modify the style, the thickness and color of the lines that represent the measures and the style, the size and color of the characters of the label containing the value of the measures. The latter can be freely repositioned compared to the initial point in which it was created. The unit of measure utilized is the micron for Vickers and Knoop archives and the millimeter for Brinell archives. The angles are expressed in decimal degrees. With the help of the zoom that can be installed by choice, and the keyboard it is possible to have a more precise positioning of the cursor thus obtaining major accuracy in acquiring dots. The cursor is customizable in size, orientation and color.

It is possible to insert objects on the acquired images, made up of text boxes, arrows, regular polygons and calibrated references. For example text boxes are useful to inset a title, a comment, the date, etc. Arrows are especially useful to refer to a detail, while with the polygons it is possible to enclose areas of particular interest. As in the case of measures, these objects can also be customizable individually (size, style, color, character, etc.) and can be repositioned at any time.

For each archive it is possible to create the corresponding report in PDF format.

The program manages up to 8 lenses, individually gauged. A conventional name can be assigned to each lens.

Force (Vickers and Knoop)
It is possible to select the force applied to the indentor among 12 customizable values, included between 1 and 999999 grams.

Profiles (Vickers)
There are 20 profiles available for profile type archives with a maximum of 30 distances each, all completely customizable.

Sphere diameter and force (Brinell)
It is possible to select the sphere diameter and force among 20 couples of prearranged values.

STE Tables (Brinell)
There are 5 STE tables available with 45 couples of values each, all completely customizable.